When Should We Give Up?

When is it enough? How can we determine if something is worthwhile or not? Frequently asked questions that invade our minds every time we ask ourselves even if it is as a last option to surrender… Leave things behind, be it a project, a relationship, a help, an activity… To answer @ecotrain‘s weekly question I find … Read moreWhen Should We Give Up?

What Is The Cost Of Lies?

Lies… We all lie at some point either voluntarily or involuntarily and regardless of our intentions, whether good or bad. Lies are usually seen as something bad or immoral, sometimes as a patch that seeks to temporarily seal a problem that is likely to get bigger with time. Every action has consequences, and lies are … Read moreWhat Is The Cost Of Lies?

How To Get Out Of An Emotional Hole? The Importance Of The Positive Mind

All human beings go through good times and bad times, this is undeniable. For that same reason it is important to know how to manage them, especially the negative moments since they impact with more force and in a much more destructive way our emotions and therefore our lives. To answer an interesting question asked … Read moreHow To Get Out Of An Emotional Hole? The Importance Of The Positive Mind

Transgender Ideology Applied To Children Is Abuse

Child abuse is an extremely important problem at a global level, children are often defenceless victims of physical, sexual and psychological violence by adults, all of the above is absolutely reprehensible and deserves to be eradicated, however a new problem is looming on the horizon, in recent times movements have emerged that have been based … Read moreTransgender Ideology Applied To Children Is Abuse

Is Third Wave Feminism “Just A Fad”?

A few days ago I saw this video in Spanish about the current Feminist situation in Argentina, and I found it curious to see how the younger “feminists” are so easily manipulated and lacking in logic and information… Not just the young ones, all of them in general, but especially the young ones. Literally in … Read moreIs Third Wave Feminism “Just A Fad”?

About Pedophilia And Child Abuses

If there is anything worse than sexually abusing an adult, it is sexually abusing a child, children do not understand, they do not have the size or strength to defend themselves, let alone be easily persuaded, in a world where there are “people” seeking to legalize an aberration like this, parents must be very alert, … Read moreAbout Pedophilia And Child Abuses

We Need Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is a wonderful skill that we human beings can develop, a great advantage that will allow us to grow as people and therefore will help us a lot in the personal and professional field, it is also important because of the benefit that a society can obtain due to the people who develop … Read moreWe Need Critical Thinking