What Is The Cost Of Lies?

Lies… We all lie at some point either voluntarily or involuntarily and regardless of our intentions, whether good or bad. Lies are usually seen as something bad or immoral, sometimes as a patch that seeks to temporarily seal a problem that is likely to get bigger with time. Every action has consequences, and lies are … Read moreWhat Is The Cost Of Lies?

The Shameful U.S. Attack on Huawei

The administration of the President of the United States Donald Trump has added in the “Trade Blacklist ” the Company Huawei for considering that they are exercising a work of espionage in favor of the Chinese government and consequently a “Threat to the National Security”. Although absolutely no one, at least at the date of … Read moreThe Shameful U.S. Attack on Huawei

This Is The “Skolae Plan”, Children’s Indoctrination Plan

The state, faithful to its principles has always sought and will seek new ways to exercise control over society, for some reason in recent times these attempts have become much more recurrent and much more evident, not only do I speak of an extremely centralized government with an extremely closed economy, not only do I … Read moreThis Is The “Skolae Plan”, Children’s Indoctrination Plan

Spanish Government Pressures Hotel Enterprise to Censor Conference

Free speech is being threatened once again as is becoming customary, in Spain the Socialist-Communist government of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party and “Podemos”, being in turn influenced by the LGBT Lobby have set to work to pressure a private company to do what they consider “to be done”. NH Hotels who wish to host … Read moreSpanish Government Pressures Hotel Enterprise to Censor Conference

Nationalism Vs. Globalism

The idea of confronting two ideas that in theory and practice are against is something logical, on the one hand we have Globalization that is based on removing “barriers” in order to bring all countries and all people under a mantle of “economic freedom”, agreements, multiculturalism, political system and teamwork to reach a common goal, … Read moreNationalism Vs. Globalism

Governments Trying To Indoctrinate Children And Deprive Parents Of Their Rights

Throughout history, many governments have been concerned with finding ways to stay in power, whether through violence, electoral traps, misinformation or even indoctrination… Throughout our lives we have probably had the opportunity to read, hear, and even witness some of these examples, as time goes by strategies change, it is no longer very smart to … Read moreGovernments Trying To Indoctrinate Children And Deprive Parents Of Their Rights

Transgender Ideology Applied To Children Is Abuse

Child abuse is an extremely important problem at a global level, children are often defenceless victims of physical, sexual and psychological violence by adults, all of the above is absolutely reprehensible and deserves to be eradicated, however a new problem is looming on the horizon, in recent times movements have emerged that have been based … Read moreTransgender Ideology Applied To Children Is Abuse

Antifa Misrepresents Anarchy

The violent left-wing group called “Antifa” has not only become a national problem for all civilized people who have to share geographical space with these supposed revolutionaries who claim to fight against a fascism that currently does not exist, Antifa has become a problem for all Anarchists in general, they are a terrible representation of … Read moreAntifa Misrepresents Anarchy

Why Would Lowering Academic Standards Be A Problem?

Excellence is the key for a person to achieve all its objectives, excellence leads to perseverance, perseverance to experience, experience to knowledge and knowledge is everything… Academic education is a fundamental part of the development of our lives and as a consequence of our society, a society educated in knowledge and values is a better … Read moreWhy Would Lowering Academic Standards Be A Problem?

Left-Wing Mob Threatens Tucker Carlson

The extreme left-wing violent group we commonly refer to as Antifa have returned to the charge by threatening none other than Fox presenter Tucker Carlson, the “peaceful protestors” crowded outside his house at night to shout, knock on his door and basically threaten him and his family with screams insinuating that they knew where he … Read moreLeft-Wing Mob Threatens Tucker Carlson