Nationalism Vs. Globalism

The idea of confronting two ideas that in theory and practice are against is something logical, on the one hand we have Globalization that is based on removing “barriers” in order to bring all countries and all people under a mantle of “economic freedom”, agreements, multiculturalism, political system and teamwork to reach a common goal, … Read moreNationalism Vs. Globalism

Governments Trying To Indoctrinate Children And Deprive Parents Of Their Rights

Throughout history, many governments have been concerned with finding ways to stay in power, whether through violence, electoral traps, misinformation or even indoctrination… Throughout our lives we have probably had the opportunity to read, hear, and even witness some of these examples, as time goes by strategies change, it is no longer very smart to … Read moreGovernments Trying To Indoctrinate Children And Deprive Parents Of Their Rights

Why Would Lowering Academic Standards Be A Problem?

Excellence is the key for a person to achieve all its objectives, excellence leads to perseverance, perseverance to experience, experience to knowledge and knowledge is everything… Academic education is a fundamental part of the development of our lives and as a consequence of our society, a society educated in knowledge and values is a better … Read moreWhy Would Lowering Academic Standards Be A Problem?

The System Of Politics

Politics is rubbish, the system is rubbish… When we talk about the System of Politics we are talking about a system in which every four or five years, depending on the country, citizens have the “right” and the “duty” to elect a ruler for the nation, state or city. But why exactly? every four years … Read moreThe System Of Politics

The Justice System Is A Joke

I think that the global justice system needs reform, generally speaking, there are too many things that are wrong, we can talk about the immense number of people who are imprisoned for minimal crimes, we can talk about how problematic the system itself is in some cases, and we can also talk about the ridiculous … Read moreThe Justice System Is A Joke

Should We Ban Ideologies?

In the world today there are many prohibitions, some of them totally reasonable as “No to murder someone” or “rape someone”, among others, as well as there are unnecessary prohibitions as in the subject of cannabis… At the same time, there are prohibitions that do more harm than good, such as partial prohibitions on the … Read moreShould We Ban Ideologies?

The Problem With Marxist Teachers

It is no secret that the educational system, besides being quite inefficient and lacking in modernization in practically all aspects, has a problem that has become extremely notable at least in the United States, the universities have basically become Marxist indoctrination centers where the professors, in their great majority, Marxists, Socialists and Communists impart their … Read moreThe Problem With Marxist Teachers

Redistribution Of Wealth

For many people equality is something “necessary”, so necessary that even anything can be done to achieve it, being theft the main tool, when we talk about redistribution of wealth or redistribution of income, we are talking about a synonym of theft, because there is no way to execute something like “redistribution” without using force … Read moreRedistribution Of Wealth