When Should We Give Up?

When is it enough? How can we determine if something is worthwhile or not? Frequently asked questions that invade our minds every time we ask ourselves even if it is as a last option to surrender… Leave things behind, be it a project, a relationship, a help, an activity… To answer @ecotrain‘s weekly question I find … Read moreWhen Should We Give Up?

My Happy Places – The Happiness Steem Challenge

Happy Place… What do we mean by happy place? A happy place for me can mean something different for another person? it is possible, maybe I consider a happy place to one that allows me to relax and not worry, but for another person a happy place can be one where he can spend time … Read moreMy Happy Places – The Happiness Steem Challenge

Do You Believe In Magic?

To answer a very interesting question asked by @ecotrain in their “Question Of The Week”, where they asked their readers if they believed in Magic, miracles and if they have had experiences or stories in which they could consider that something had happened to them that could be considered magical, here is my post: According to the … Read moreDo You Believe In Magic?