The Best Age In History

We live in the best period of our history. It seems that it is necessary to say the obvious thing, throughout the centuries the world has passed through a series of evolutions that have allowed us to progress more and more in all type of aspects, be this the legal one, respecting and guaranteeing the … Read moreThe Best Age In History

The Shameful U.S. Attack on Huawei

The administration of the President of the United States Donald Trump has added in the “Trade Blacklist ” the Company Huawei for considering that they are exercising a work of espionage in favor of the Chinese government and consequently a “Threat to the National Security”. Although absolutely no one, at least at the date of … Read moreThe Shameful U.S. Attack on Huawei

What Are The Limits Of Free Speech?

There are different positions around Free Speech, positions that normally because of our desire to simplify things remain in a group that we colloquially call “For” or “Against”. However, there are people whose positions have very important details when considering whether to have Free Speech or not. We all know the “Free Speech Absolutists” who … Read moreWhat Are The Limits Of Free Speech?

Spanish Government Pressures Hotel Enterprise to Censor Conference

Free speech is being threatened once again as is becoming customary, in Spain the Socialist-Communist government of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party and “Podemos”, being in turn influenced by the LGBT Lobby have set to work to pressure a private company to do what they consider “to be done”. NH Hotels who wish to host … Read moreSpanish Government Pressures Hotel Enterprise to Censor Conference

Nationalism Vs. Globalism

The idea of confronting two ideas that in theory and practice are against is something logical, on the one hand we have Globalization that is based on removing “barriers” in order to bring all countries and all people under a mantle of “economic freedom”, agreements, multiculturalism, political system and teamwork to reach a common goal, … Read moreNationalism Vs. Globalism

Antifa Misrepresents Anarchy

The violent left-wing group called “Antifa” has not only become a national problem for all civilized people who have to share geographical space with these supposed revolutionaries who claim to fight against a fascism that currently does not exist, Antifa has become a problem for all Anarchists in general, they are a terrible representation of … Read moreAntifa Misrepresents Anarchy

California Shooting, What About Gun Control?

A new tragedy has occurred and along with it has returned the debate about gun control, 12 people lost their lives in a California bar. This, in addition to being a cause for mourning and debate, is also the perfect opportunity to push forward a political agenda, on both sides, let us be objective. The … Read moreCalifornia Shooting, What About Gun Control?

The Immigrant Caravan

What would you do if a group of people sought to enter your home illegally and forcibly?, What would you do if a whole legion of people went to your country?, What should a president do for the welfare of his nation?, the rules exist to be respected, however, whatever happens there will always be … Read moreThe Immigrant Caravan

The System Of Politics

Politics is rubbish, the system is rubbish… When we talk about the System of Politics we are talking about a system in which every four or five years, depending on the country, citizens have the “right” and the “duty” to elect a ruler for the nation, state or city. But why exactly? every four years … Read moreThe System Of Politics

Don’t Tell The Truth, You’ll Be In Trouble

New government, new problems. This in the case of Julian Assange is something more delicate, the Ecuadorian government has imposed new “rules” that Julian has to follow to “recover” some rights such as access to the internet and telephone. The problem is that these rights should not be removed in the first place, mainly because … Read moreDon’t Tell The Truth, You’ll Be In Trouble