What’s Happening In Argentina?

Mauricio Macri, the Argentine president, is doing practically and theoretically everything wrong, and because of this the Argentine right-wing suffers due to the aggravating crisis in which the southern country has plunged. It is true that President Macri had received a country with a serious crisis and delicate economic problems thanks to the terrible Kirchner … Read moreWhat’s Happening In Argentina?

You Can’t Control Prices

Misleading title, Truth is it can be… It causes disaster, but it can be, however, it should not be controlled. Prices act as a mechanism for the transmission of information that allows better coordination of the economy by the spontaneous order of individuals, that is to say, of consumers, so it will always be much … Read moreYou Can’t Control Prices

Redistribution Of Wealth

For many people equality is something “necessary”, so necessary that even anything can be done to achieve it, being theft the main tool, when we talk about redistribution of wealth or redistribution of income, we are talking about a synonym of theft, because there is no way to execute something like “redistribution” without using force … Read moreRedistribution Of Wealth

School Makes Us Think Like Employees

The school educates us to think like employees, it may sound controversial… But I am controversial, and when you really think about it, at least, you have to give me some reason, the current education system has not adapted to the new age, the information age, and this is a rather important problem, not only … Read moreSchool Makes Us Think Like Employees

The Pink Tax Myth

The Feminists on their mission to manipulate the masses in favour of their “movement” do not stop sharing false information and campaigning to promote such information with the help of their media, if you have heard about the “Gender Pay Gap”, a myth which has been debunked many times to date, you will probably have … Read moreThe Pink Tax Myth

The Truth About Socialism

Socialism in theory may sound “good”, it sounds like a system that will give everyone happiness, inclusion and wealth, but in practice something different happens, things don’t fall out of the sky, there is nothing free and anything that redistributes wealth is immoral because you would be taking away wealth from someone to give it … Read moreThe Truth About Socialism

Why Is Important To Understand Economics?

The economy, the market, money, business, work, all this is part of our day to day life, to improve the economic aspects of our lives is necessary and important to understand the economy and the market, not only because that way we can make better decisions in our personal lives, but also because we can … Read moreWhy Is Important To Understand Economics?

Why Is Latin America Undeveloped?

Why is Latin America so underdeveloped?, is it the mentality?, the way of doing things?, the culture?, what did it do and what makes all the countries of this continent so different in terms of development and issues such as poverty, for example?, today we will talk about this. The reasons are multiple and vary … Read moreWhy Is Latin America Undeveloped?

Austrian Economics, Not Keynes

The economy, although many people do not understand it and do not wish to do so, is decisive for everyone’s life, the economy has direct effects, not only on your pocketbook, but also on your mind as a stress generator if it is negative, or as a generator of tranquility and even happiness if it … Read moreAustrian Economics, Not Keynes