We Need Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is a wonderful skill that we human beings can develop, a great advantage that will allow us to grow as people and therefore will help us a lot in the personal and professional field, it is also important because of the benefit that a society can obtain due to the people who develop … Read moreWe Need Critical Thinking

What Is The Meaning Of The 4th Of July?

On July 4, 1776, the Act of Independence of the United States of America was signed, it was a historical fact and very important for the present time, in this post, created specially for the Contest made by @informationwar I will speak and give my opinion as a foreigner about the meaning of this day … Read moreWhat Is The Meaning Of The 4th Of July?

Individualism And Collectivism

To think collective or to think as an individual?, to seek the common good or the personal?, these questions are repeated over and over again every time we talk about the debate between Collectivism and Individualism, today we will talk about it and come to a conclusion about which thought is better. Thinking in a … Read moreIndividualism And Collectivism

The Problem With Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism is real, it is no longer just a “Conspiracy Theory of the Right”, unfortunately for the world, the Marxist philosophy that is against the current structure of Western society has taken on a very worrying relevance, not only because it seeks to impose it but also because to achieve it it tries to … Read moreThe Problem With Cultural Marxism

Equality: Outcome Vs. Opportunities

Many people debate about what is better, Equal Opportunities or Outcome, also known as Results, we can all agree that Equality before the Law is fundamental, there is no debate there, however, when we talk about Opportunities and Outcome things change, there is a very intense debate about this subject and today we will talk … Read moreEquality: Outcome Vs. Opportunities

Power Corrupts, And Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

We have all heard the phrase “The Power Corrupts” at one time or another, perhaps we have realized the reason for this phrase, be it from personal experiences, reading about history and philosophy, among other things… The fact is that as human beings we have been able to observe how power can “change” people, in … Read morePower Corrupts, And Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely