The Best Age In History

We live in the best period of our history. It seems that it is necessary to say the obvious thing, throughout the centuries the world has passed through a series of evolutions that have allowed us to progress more and more in all type of aspects, be this the legal one, respecting and guaranteeing the … Read moreThe Best Age In History

What Is Normal? Does It Exist?

“Normal is an illusion… What is normal for a spider is the chaos for a fly”. The word normal represents relativism, it is a philosophical question and as such does not have a simple answer, also the “normal” can be used as an extremely effective manipulation tool or even as a fallacy. Being aware of … Read moreWhat Is Normal? Does It Exist?

When Should We Give Up?

When is it enough? How can we determine if something is worthwhile or not? Frequently asked questions that invade our minds every time we ask ourselves even if it is as a last option to surrender… Leave things behind, be it a project, a relationship, a help, an activity… To answer @ecotrain‘s weekly question I find … Read moreWhen Should We Give Up?

What Is The Cost Of Lies?

Lies… We all lie at some point either voluntarily or involuntarily and regardless of our intentions, whether good or bad. Lies are usually seen as something bad or immoral, sometimes as a patch that seeks to temporarily seal a problem that is likely to get bigger with time. Every action has consequences, and lies are … Read moreWhat Is The Cost Of Lies?

My Happy Places – The Happiness Steem Challenge

Happy Place… What do we mean by happy place? A happy place for me can mean something different for another person? it is possible, maybe I consider a happy place to one that allows me to relax and not worry, but for another person a happy place can be one where he can spend time … Read moreMy Happy Places – The Happiness Steem Challenge

How To Get Out Of An Emotional Hole? The Importance Of The Positive Mind

All human beings go through good times and bad times, this is undeniable. For that same reason it is important to know how to manage them, especially the negative moments since they impact with more force and in a much more destructive way our emotions and therefore our lives. To answer an interesting question asked … Read moreHow To Get Out Of An Emotional Hole? The Importance Of The Positive Mind

Nationalism Vs. Globalism

The idea of confronting two ideas that in theory and practice are against is something logical, on the one hand we have Globalization that is based on removing “barriers” in order to bring all countries and all people under a mantle of “economic freedom”, agreements, multiculturalism, political system and teamwork to reach a common goal, … Read moreNationalism Vs. Globalism

Governments Trying To Indoctrinate Children And Deprive Parents Of Their Rights

Throughout history, many governments have been concerned with finding ways to stay in power, whether through violence, electoral traps, misinformation or even indoctrination… Throughout our lives we have probably had the opportunity to read, hear, and even witness some of these examples, as time goes by strategies change, it is no longer very smart to … Read moreGovernments Trying To Indoctrinate Children And Deprive Parents Of Their Rights

Why Would Lowering Academic Standards Be A Problem?

Excellence is the key for a person to achieve all its objectives, excellence leads to perseverance, perseverance to experience, experience to knowledge and knowledge is everything… Academic education is a fundamental part of the development of our lives and as a consequence of our society, a society educated in knowledge and values is a better … Read moreWhy Would Lowering Academic Standards Be A Problem?

The System Of Politics

Politics is rubbish, the system is rubbish… When we talk about the System of Politics we are talking about a system in which every four or five years, depending on the country, citizens have the “right” and the “duty” to elect a ruler for the nation, state or city. But why exactly? every four years … Read moreThe System Of Politics