What Is Normal? Does It Exist?

“Normal is an illusion… What is normal for a spider is the chaos for a fly”. The word normal represents relativism, it is a philosophical question and as such does not have a simple answer, also the “normal” can be used as an extremely effective manipulation tool or even as a fallacy. Being aware of … Read moreWhat Is Normal? Does It Exist?

The Shameful U.S. Attack on Huawei

The administration of the President of the United States Donald Trump has added in the “Trade Blacklist ” the Company Huawei for considering that they are exercising a work of espionage in favor of the Chinese government and consequently a “Threat to the National Security”. Although absolutely no one, at least at the date of … Read moreThe Shameful U.S. Attack on Huawei

Antifa Misrepresents Anarchy

The violent left-wing group called “Antifa” has not only become a national problem for all civilized people who have to share geographical space with these supposed revolutionaries who claim to fight against a fascism that currently does not exist, Antifa has become a problem for all Anarchists in general, they are a terrible representation of … Read moreAntifa Misrepresents Anarchy

Left-Wing Mob Threatens Tucker Carlson

The extreme left-wing violent group we commonly refer to as Antifa have returned to the charge by threatening none other than Fox presenter Tucker Carlson, the “peaceful protestors” crowded outside his house at night to shout, knock on his door and basically threaten him and his family with screams insinuating that they knew where he … Read moreLeft-Wing Mob Threatens Tucker Carlson

The Decentralized Internet

The decentralization of the Internet seems imminent, it is in fact something that is already happening at a remarkable speed. Internet users are beginning to notice the emergence of networks that provide greater control, privacy and security for whatever or any transaction they are doing, without the need for a “Central Authority” to collect their … Read moreThe Decentralized Internet

You Can’t Control Prices

Misleading title, Truth is it can be… It causes disaster, but it can be, however, it should not be controlled. Prices act as a mechanism for the transmission of information that allows better coordination of the economy by the spontaneous order of individuals, that is to say, of consumers, so it will always be much … Read moreYou Can’t Control Prices

Corruption And State

Corruption is a deplorable act because in basic terms it is a theft and it generates inefficiency because the “project” will be done in a relatively different way from the “programmed” one, the state is in theory the “one in charge” of preventing this kind of thing from happening and yet the great protagonist of … Read moreCorruption And State

The Best Ruler Is The One Who Does Not Rule

The best ruler is the one who does not rule and the best government is the one that does not exist… Humanity throughout history has experienced “governments” whose main function is to seek to maintain “public order” through the monopoly of force, politics has become so important to our lives that a simple decision can … Read moreThe Best Ruler Is The One Who Does Not Rule

The Problem With Antifa

Haven’t you heard of a violent group of extreme leftists who call themselves “Anti-Fascists” and try to silence dissenting opinions through violence as fascists would?, no?, well, in that case, you have just heard from them when you read this, today we will be talking about Antifa’ and the problem it represents in the United … Read moreThe Problem With Antifa

Why Is Important To Understand Economics?

The economy, the market, money, business, work, all this is part of our day to day life, to improve the economic aspects of our lives is necessary and important to understand the economy and the market, not only because that way we can make better decisions in our personal lives, but also because we can … Read moreWhy Is Important To Understand Economics?