The Best Age In History


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We live in the best period of our history. It seems that it is necessary to say the obvious thing, throughout the centuries the world has passed through a series of evolutions that have allowed us to progress more and more in all type of aspects, be this the legal one, respecting and guaranteeing the legal equality, freedom and rights. The economic, achieving a constant growth that ends up improving the quality of life of all as well as their purchasing power. The social, where there is no longer discrimination for the simple fact of being or thinking differently. And technology, where great advances have allowed us to advance by leaps and bounds, consuming fewer and fewer resources and in a more efficient manner to create more and better things that improve and will improve our lives in one way or another.

Of course, we are not perfect, we will never become perfect by the simple fact that there is no such thing as “perfect”, although this would of course depend on whether within your beliefs you consider a deity or several as “perfect” beings. But what is certain is that we are not, we still have problems, the vast majority if not all caused by ourselves, that is totally true. But in spite of all that, it is undeniable that we are much better than 50 years ago… than 100 years ago, not to mention thousands of years ago.

Recently I saw a video of two old people talking about their experiences in youth, economic situation, how difficult it was to make a living, the hostility society was in the issue of discrimination, wars, crises … Anyway, it’s really crazy just to think about all that. These two gentlemen to whom I am referring, spoke to you and explained to you about the subject, not as some studied professors, they spoke to you as normal people who do not know anything technical about the subject, but through experience and wisdom end up explaining things as they are.

From simple things like “If you have 5 dollars and you spend one your economy goes well, but if you have 5 and you spend 6 your economy goes bad” which is very logical that many politicians and people forget… Even more complex issues such as “Today’s young people don’t understand how well we live today. They are not thankful for what they have,” which is precisely why I thought of writing this post.

We live in an age where being a victim is the common thing, where you ignore all the good you have because you take it for granted that it’s something you have to have. And where you give a focus to bad things without taking into account that right now those problems are actually a fraction of what they were a long time ago… Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to be conformist. I mean knowing how to value what we have and stop being crybabies.

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To Caesar what is Caesar’s, we have to keep improving, we better do it… But you have to be objective and appreciate the here and now. It is incredible that elderly people have to come to tell us that living today is much better than “in their times”, having all the historical references that prove it… Probably the same thing will happen to us and in 50 years we will be telling the younger ones how fortunate they are and so on.

The victimistic attitude is counterproductive, as well as ridiculous… I am sure that if you are going to complain to an old man about the problems there are today and he will respond with all the problems he had to go through in his youth and that thanks to the work of past generations we young people can enjoy and continue to improve what there is, but with a positive and productive attitude, not a negative and destructive one.

Communicating is easier than ever, getting money is much simpler, Blockchain and example marketing, traveling is much faster, cheaper and simpler, comforts of any kind, exceptional life expectancy, technology that advances every day more and faster, development of profitable ecological alternatives, we can spend the whole day mentioning good things, without forgetting the current problems that remain to be solved, many of them considerably serious. But they don’t take away what’s an absolute truth. We are much better off than before and now this is the best era in our history.

A small reflection to learn to be grateful with what we have, appreciate the work of our grandparents and look at the past in an optimistic way to face the present with the same attitude to continue improving and create an even better future … Thank you for reading, Peace.

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