How To Get Out Of An Emotional Hole? The Importance Of The Positive Mind


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All human beings go through good times and bad times, this is undeniable. For that same reason it is important to know how to manage them, especially the negative moments since they impact with more force and in a much more destructive way our emotions and therefore our lives. To answer an interesting question asked by @ecotrain here is my entry about “How to get out of an emotional hole?”

The vast majority of us can consider that we have gone through bad times that simply leave us “on the ground” emotionally speaking, whether product of a bad day, work problems, breakup of a relationship, excessive stress, mourning… Whatever comes to your mind. These are events that generate a negative impact on your being, it can be a great impact or a more moderate one depending on the person, but it is still something relevant enough to damage your day in one way or another, reducing your productivity, not allowing you to be happy or worrying too much.

When we speak of being in an “Emotional Hole”, of being sad or of feeling an emptiness in our being, we speak of a sensation of discomfort, of a sensation that seems that nothing can change, something that is going to affect our lives from the inside, and then be projected to the outside. The world of emotions is usually described as something chaotic or complex, a jungle in which it is easy to get lost and in which multiple dangers lurk.

And because it affects our lives in such a direct way it will affect our dreams, goals, objectives, aspirations, relationships, attitude, thoughts, answers, among many other things that seem like details, but in practice they are such important things that help us in any area of our lives… From something as simple as interacting with other people to carrying out our most ambitious projects. For this reason, it is important to realize what this represents and why we are the only people who can really help ourselves.

We must learn to diagnose what is happening to us, what leads to it, evaluate the situation and have the determination to solve it. Here is the key word: “Determination”, which can be translated into Attitude. Many people to fill that emptiness choose to carry out new activities like reading, exercise, sex, alcohol… Whatever helps fill that sense of emptiness. This in itself is not a bad thing, the bad thing is to adopt vices and self-destructive activities and not ones that generate some kind of personal growth.


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However, these resources that one takes help to control that sensation in many occasions only momentarily, as well as the anxiety and the nervousness, but that emptiness and discomfort continues being inside us and if we do not work it on time it can complicate our day to day… Think of it as putting a patch on something that you know will eventually break again. Psychological and emotional problems must be solved from the root.

Of course this depends a lot on what type of problem each person has and how serious it is, there are many emotional problems that can be easily solved without the need for so much “drama”, for that same reason we consider time a good friend when it comes to healing wounds, the really important thing is to find a way that these problems affect us as little as possible and if necessary seek professional help. That is never too much, of course.

In any case, we must never forget the power of a Positive Mind when it comes to changing our lives to the point of improving them, making us grow and helping us in this type of situation. It is tremendously underestimated how important this is to carry out everything we intend to execute, human beings are in a way magnets that attract things the way we think.

This last phrase may sound very “Mystical” but it is actually right, you can not expect other people to trust you if you do not trust yourself, if you do not believe in your abilities and what you are doing there is very little chance of success… In the same way if we relate to someone or a group of people, things are and will be radically different if you do it with a positive attitude or a negative attitude. All this is influenced by mentality.

All this is something that is going to help you tremendously to get out of those emotional holes and in normal situations to improve your way of life. Although it is complicated to think like that when you are going through a bad emotional moment, it does not take away that we ourselves are the ones who have the responsibility and power to vent, diagnose our problems and look for solutions, for which we can count on the help of our friends or Psychologists. But at the end of the day the most important thing comes from ourselves, we are the ones who have the last word and the will to be able to make these changes… Thank you for reading, Peace!

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