How Much Control Do You Feel You Have Over Your Life?


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Have you stopped for a moment to think about how organized your life is right now?, how much control you have over it?, how much time you have at your disposal and how you take advantage of it?… “Have you cleaned your room” as Professor Jordan Peterson would say?, I hadn’t thought deeply about it until I read the question asked by @TribeSteemUp where it posed exactly what is in the title of this Post: How Much Control Do You Feel You Have Over Your Life?

That question has inspired me to think and write about how much control I have over my life and how much human beings have control over our lives by speaking in a general way. We You have to start by understanding that all human beings are different and therefore we have different interests, personalities and goals, so things are different for each person and it is good that it is so.

When analyzing whether or not we have control of our lives, in a certain way we have to take into consideration our happiness, our health, our free time and of course freedom. We all have our responsibilities and needs, sleeping is one of them, working is another, having quality time with family is another, and so I can make a long list… But the point is that we have to organize ourselves so that we can have a balance with which we feel comfortable and happy, don’t make the mistake of confusing this with “Conformism”.

Having good physical, emotional and mental health is absolutely necessary, as this represents being at peace with ourselves and therefore a requirement to be at peace with others. To have good work, since this is a source of income totally necessary to carry out our lives and in many cases source of happiness. To have goals, since to have objectives to fulfill is a form of personal overcoming and to grow as much in the personal scope as in the professional one. Being self-taught, since education and wisdom speak for themselves, are extremely important things for any human being. And finally, Organization and Freedom, as both are key to achieving the above.

However, we cannot have control of everything… That is impossible because there are many external factors that we want or not, will affect for better or worse our lives and what surrounds us … The environment, the other people, the system, any kind of eventuality. All these are things that we simply cannot control.


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I like to use the analogy of opening a business to explain this, because when opening a business you can make sure that everything goes well, you have studied the market, you are a fantastic manager and have a great team, however, much of what determines your success does not depend on you, depends on other external factors: the clientele, the economic situation, the competition, any eventuality added to all the bureaucratic obstacles of the government to whom you will later have to pay, and so on…

Life, as I said before, is something very similar to that. We are conditioned to live under external influences and it is not possible to avoid… Especially when we talk about human beings, we are so unpredictable, it’s quite simple for someone to perform an action that is going to “Flip the chessboard” of other person, therefore, the idea of having absolute control of our lives is discarded.

However, we can have a lot of control over it, we can control everything we can control and that’s what’s really important, and in a way we can make sure that certain external factors don’t affect us too much, at least not negatively. In fact, Psychology has a lot to say about this.

To answer the question in a personal way, I consider that I have a moderately positive control, considering that I am young, I comply with many factors mentioned above, such as health, goals, organization, freedom and time even living in a country where there is a crisis that will be remembered by history as devastating for a nation that should be “An Oasis in the middle of the desert”. We will never be able to control others, but we do have the power to change, improve and aspire to more… That should be exploited as much as we can, Thank you for reading.


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