Do You Believe In Magic?

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To answer a very interesting question asked by @ecotrain in their “Question Of The Week”, where they asked their readers if they believed in Magic, miracles and if they have had experiences or stories in which they could consider that something had happened to them that could be considered magical, here is my post:

According to the dictionary, Magic is known as “the art, technique or occult science with which it is intended to produce extraordinary phenomena, contrary to natural laws that sometimes requires the intervention of spirits”, in a certain way what is considered Magic has much to do with what is considered “Miracle”, both are extraordinary phenomena that seem to contradict natural law.

However, in my opinion, Magic is not only a phenomenon that contravenes natural law, for me Magic has a special meaning that is rooted in the classic scene of a Magician performing a magic trick on a Child, although we adults know that the trick is a perfectly explainable illusion, the child lives something very different… The surprise and emotion that he feels when witnessing a “phenomenon” or in this case “Magic Act” is something that is truly invaluable beyond any kind of rational explanation.

Bearing this in mind we can now speak of another example that marvels in almost the same way even the most skeptical adults, the Universe, the World, the Beings that inhabit it, life itself is something that seems magical. There are so many things in nature that would surpass any magic trick we could have thought of… The “Miracle of Life” in giving birth to a baby, the beautiful “chaotic order” of nature, the authentic shows you can witness in the landscapes, beaches whose shores shine one color or another thanks to the plankton, among many other things…

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All these things have their scientific explanation, evidently, however if we put ourselves in the position of the child who does not know that the magician’s trick is a simple illusion, surprise, reaction and experience is worthy of being considered something magical, and to be honest, the fact of knowing the rational explanation of some phenomenon does not remove that it is something truly spectacular to see and that it seems something “Magical”.

Technology could be considered in a certain magical way… Even though we know that we owe this to science. It is so wonderful to consider that what we have right now was something almost unthinkable 50 years ago, or that at best it seemed something worthy of science fiction and that this progress will only go further and faster and faster, it is something simply impressive, in a certain way our species is making possible things that were considered impossible. And I insist, we owe this to science, if we see it from a realistic and objective point of view this is something undeniable…

But again I say, for me magic means that, it means life, surprise, the incredible, doing the impossible, harmony, and so on… And yes, this is a terrible way to make an argument, I admit it, things are the way they are, but to be honest, I don’t think that matters much in this case… If we consider the above mentioned Magic, then I could say that if I believe in Magic, always keeping in mind the objective facts above all of course. Thank you for reading.


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