Spanish Government Pressures Hotel Enterprise to Censor Conference

Free speech is being threatened once again as is becoming customary, in Spain the Socialist-Communist government of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party and “Podemos”, being in turn influenced by the LGBT Lobby have set to work to pressure a private company to do what they consider “to be done”. NH Hotels who wish to host the conference of Argentine political scientists Agustín Laje and Nicolás Márquez on “Marxism, Feminism and LGBTI” are falling victim to state pressure and other groups that do not respect thought dissent because they consider it “offensive”.

María José Sánchez Rubio, “asked” the hotel chain “not to allow acts against equality and against the dignity and rights of LGTBI people and their families to take place in their facilities” in a tweet illustrated with a photo of the president of, Ignacio Arsuaga. It should be noted that “HazteOir” is the organization that is taking the initiative to bring to Spain the conferences of Agustín Laje and Nicolás Márquez who are Best Sellers in Amazon with their book “El Libro Negro de la Nueva Izquierda”, this organization had already been victim of censorship and violent acts by Feminist and LGBT groups for the simple fact of protesting against the indoctrination imposed by the state in matters of sex education using a bus that had a message created with scientific and biological bases.

Once again the supposed militants of tolerance prove to be the most intolerant and the left in turn once again demonstrates that they agree with “freedom of expression” as long as you think like them, this is the reason why so many people are against movements like Feminists and LGBT, the search to impose ideas without any kind of opposition by these groups is simply disgusting and goes against everything that plurality of thought represents… That leaving aside that they seek to impose an ideology over Science and the fact that they seek to indoctrinate children through the use of activities and edited books in favor of a political agenda and an anti-scientific agenda.

Although it seems that the board will not directly prohibit the holding of this conference, if it has published that it “will be attentive” to the development of the conference, despite this extreme left-wing parties such as “Izquierda Unida” and “Podemos” have called for legal action to be taken to consider that they are talking about “discrimination against LGBTI people,” again intimidating the company about possible legal action if it is considered that “some right is being violated… This is ironic because the only right that is being violated is that of freedom of expression.

The tour of these political scientists and HazteOir in Spain has already been the victim of harassment and violent acts by these totalitarian sectors that range from verbal threats, through the throwing of bags of excrement to the throwing of glass bottles, something that unfortunately is silenced by the national and international media who are accomplices of this type of shows that can be performed with impunity by a group of totalitarians who do not seek to debate, They are not people who think differently because they are intolerant, homophobic or closed-minded, they think differently because they are more than reasonable, because they defend logical ideas based on science… Thank you for reading, peace.

|1| Andalusian “Equality” Advisor Presses NH to Censor, Agustin Laje and Nicolás Márquez

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