Nationalism Vs. Globalism

The idea of confronting two ideas that in theory and practice are against is something logical, on the one hand we have Globalization that is based on removing “barriers” in order to bring all countries and all people under a mantle of “economic freedom”, agreements, multiculturalism, political system and teamwork to reach a common goal, on the other hand we have the nationalist idea, which is based on the preservation of values and traditions, accept and propose agreements that are clearly beneficial to the nation, protect the rights of its inhabitants and be “individualistic” in the national sense.

We have to keep in mind that life is a gray scale, nothing is purely white or purely black, both ideas have positive things and negative things as you see it, in my case, I am currently in favor of nationalism, it may sound absurd considering that I am Anarchist, but it is for the simple reason that today’s globalism is basically Socialism on a large scale directed by organizations and leftist countries and supported by Marxist elites, created and promoted more to have a control than to have freedom and world economic potential. Both ideas have positive things that can be taken to create a balance, globalizing and liberalizing the economy is more than necessary, it is useful, it is advantageous and it is something that will help everyone… Forcing countries to have agreements that will not generate benefits and punishing the most powerful to pay more is not very good, this is socialism on a large scale. Forcing countries to destroy their values and traditions and forcing a multiculturalism that will not work and only creates problems for social, cultural and religious reasons is not a good idea… Preserving a nation’s values and traditions, as well as its society, is not a bad thing…

The desire for globalization arises mainly from the so-called “first world problems”, which arise when societies and countries become developed and their inhabitants begin to worry about seeking to make “revolutions” in the non-prostituted sense of the word. The problem is that the system was created totally wrong, “globalization” had to be based almost entirely on economic freedom, not on forcing countries to do things almost totally against their interests for the “common good” or for charity… The idea of opening up borders in order to bring the entire world together under one economic and political base, in this case from the left would be an economic disaster, as socialism has already shown us and would be a social disaster as the thousands of failed immigration attempts that cause chaos and problems demonstrate.

The main problem is the bad approach, followed by the political corruption that seek to control even more their countries and the world under the Trojan horse of globalization… Who wouldn’t want a more interconnected world?, The Devil will always seek to make deals with you by offering you “irrefutable” things, politicians the same… It is corruption and the desire to satisfy one’s own interests that would cause a globalization beyond a free economy to be manipulated in order to promote a political agenda… Any resemblance with reality is pure coincidence, all this creates the reaction of nationalism, UK, United States, Italy, Brazil, among others… They want the best for their nation and nobody can really say that they are doing something wrong, technically they are looking for the best for their nation, that is the theory of a politician’s job and although in economic matters they are not “perfect”, despite being right-wing… In social matters they are much better than what the globalist elites are looking for today.

This is why a balance that is based primarily on economic freedom and cultural respect to not alter a society and in turn promote economic growth would be ideal… It is for these reasons that nationalism seems to be gaining ground over globalism, not because globalism is inherently bad or nationalism inherently good, it is by simple systematic approach and simple human behavior, if a system seeks the destruction of your culture and tradition through the forced immigration of people who not only share your values but are probably totally against them… The logical thing is that it bothers you, because this will alter your society negatively… If your country has to maintain agreements that affect it negatively this bothers you, because after all they are your taxes, it is not called “anti-globalism”, it is called “protection of what is mine” and nobody can ever be judged for that… Thank you for reading. Peace.

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