Governments Trying To Indoctrinate Children And Deprive Parents Of Their Rights

Throughout history, many governments have been concerned with finding ways to stay in power, whether through violence, electoral traps, misinformation or even indoctrination… Throughout our lives we have probably had the opportunity to read, hear, and even witness some of these examples, as time goes by strategies change, it is no longer very smart to maintain power through violence or cheating in elections, the cost is too high, too many cameras, too many microphones and too many social networks, to do something like that is very alarming.

However, propaganda and indoctrination do not generate so much fuss, every day we can see how the media through propaganda and disinformation drive a political agenda, we know that schools and universities are centers of indoctrination for the benefit of an ideology, we know, however it is not something shocking enough to generate a situation of alarm or something like that. The fact is that this has been done and governments do it to obtain something called “control,” control translates into power, and power is what every politician and every government wants? The only moral compass politicians have is one that points to their own interests.

Young minds are the main target of indoctrination, young people and children are the present and future of a nation, they are the most moldable minds and everyone, or at least the vast majority goes to a place called a school or university, tell them what to think, put an ideology in them, mold their minds so that they believe what you want them to believe, once this is done you will have a generation and a future generation of people who will have some degree of affinity to whatever they have been “taught”, this brainwashing is especially efficient in young children, Hitler demonstrated this for example, he got children to worship him, how can a child be able to worship a personification of evil like Hitler?, the answer is simple, indoctrination… This example is repeated again and again, North Korea, The Soviet Union, China with Mao, Venezuela, Cuba, among others, all these aimed to indoctrinate children to perpetuate themselves in power.

It is very often the case that governments by means of laws seek to force schools to provide an education “approved” by them, new books “partially” edited, new “perspectives”, among others. Cases of these can be Argentina with the new Progressive Sexual Education, Venezuela with the history books “chavistas”, all this going against what one supposes is a right of parents to choose what kind of education their child should have and that for reasons of time they have to rely on schools to give their children a neutral education in an educational system that does not encourage critical thinking, being this one more reason why we have to fear indoctrination.

Parents and guardians are increasingly abused by governments that seek to indoctrinate their children almost forcibly, depriving them of the right to freedom of education, through vaccinations to authentics kidnappings by organizations such as CPS that in theory should “protect” children, in practice they end up doing just the opposite… All this is part of the problem of the state getting into these kinds of issues, all because of the hunger for power and control. Thank you for reading… Peace.

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