Transgender Ideology Applied To Children Is Abuse

Child abuse is an extremely important problem at a global level, children are often defenceless victims of physical, sexual and psychological violence by adults, all of the above is absolutely reprehensible and deserves to be eradicated, however a new problem is looming on the horizon, in recent times movements have emerged that have been based on seeking even the legalization of pedophilia, all based on an ideology that has as its main discourse to say that children “have the right to consent to a sexual relationship”.

In the case of another ideology, in this case the transgender, something also happens that is quite criticizable, we are talking about people and parents willing to subject their son or daughter to hormonal treatment or surgery to “change their gender”, this is an abuse, a child does not have the ability to make such an extreme decision that it will harm his whole life, under no circumstances because his minds are not developed, they are not mature, they do not understand the consequences that something like this can have, whether sterility, genital mutilation, hormonal problems and very likely long-term psychological problems.

It is a serious lack of responsibility and common sense on the part of parents to even think of subjecting their children to something like this, children begin to know reality by growing up, the problem is when they are indoctrinated with an ideology devoid of biological bases… Not because a child wants to be a dog will you go to the doctor to try to turn it into a dog… The simple fact of forcing a child or influencing him taking into account his young age to alter his biological processes must be a crime.

It is not very intelligent to fight against mother nature, when you alter a natural process in the human body, you will have problems, such alteration will cause a conflict at the biological level, therefore when changes occur in the body of the child what will happen is that mother nature will be cruel, a treatment like this will damage the body, the mind, alter the natural growth, cause sterility for life and it will increase their chances of getting cancer thanks to the amount of drugs they will be exposed to… You can’t interrupt a process like this, you don’t have to be a genius to know how many physical and emotional problems a transgender child will have, it’s simple logic and biology… But the desire to promote an agenda is superior to sanity and morality.

People must understand once and for all that life is not a goddamn RPG and especially that children are not “avatars” that you can customize to your liking… It is sick and twisted to influence their young innocent minds to perform disgusting acts such as touching naked people, making apologies to pedophilia or altering their bodies irreversibly, this is abuse, indoctrinating them with ideas lacking scientific basis is also an abuse… Indoctrination itself is technically an abuse and as such should be punished by law, but apparently the opposite happens, there are more and more centers where you can perform these hormonal treatments in children, as is the case of Argentina. It is truly surprising the capacity of ignorance or evil of the promoters of these ideas… Thank you for reading. Peace

|1| Argentina Will Open A Center For “Transgender Kids”

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