Why Would Lowering Academic Standards Be A Problem?

Excellence is the key for a person to achieve all its objectives, excellence leads to perseverance, perseverance to experience, experience to knowledge and knowledge is everything… Academic education is a fundamental part of the development of our lives and as a consequence of our society, a society educated in knowledge and values is a better society in practically all aspects, but what happens when we begin to lose the “hunger” for excellence and begin to lower the level?…

It is worth making an effort if the reward is good, in that probably the great majority of us agree, at the academic level a student can make an effort to get good grades and in that way “stand out” or simply to surpass oneself, after all it is worth it, right?, the degree is something extremely useful and important, and yes, I agree that the educational system is terrible and obsolete, but in theory it seeks excellence, the problem is when we look at politicians and realize that some of them, particularly left-wing politicians, agree with the fact of lowering academic standards, by this I mean, being able to pass a subject with a lower grade, graduating without having passed some subjects, indefinite attempts to pass a simple exam, among others.

To do this is to piss in the face of excellence, education, responsibility and the people who strive to graduate, why do I say this, if you lower the difficulty in obtaining an achievement, that achievement reduces its value, obviously because it will be simpler to achieve it, the consequence of this is not only that the degrees that can be obtained through an academic course are worth less by the fact that “anyone can have a degree now”, you will also automatically reduce the “level” of students … It is no longer necessary to make an effort, it is no longer necessary to learn, the state practically guarantees you to graduate, why should you worry?

This is something that will be regretted in the medium and long term, in this scenario, professionalism is directly affected by the general level of graduates that will be lower in relation to the difficulty of obtaining the degree. Society will have people who are less intellectually prepared, less responsible and more mediocre, therefore society enters a state of decadence that is more than palpable, this is something that can be evidenced simply seeing the example of countries like Venezuela, where literally anyone can obtain a degree due to the low level of exigency and the low level of teachers that are the product of this same low level of exigency in public schools and universities.

Something similar but in a more “conservative” measure is going to happen in Spain with this new government of Socialists and Communists, experts warn that lowering the level of demand will not be able to help students in “disadvantage”, which is logical taking into consideration the above read and anything else you think is wrong or could cause a future problem with this, this is the problem of policies that seek to equalize, especially equalize downward, you end up incubating a problem disguised as “social aid” that in the long run society is going to regret quite a lot and that will take much more time and work to fix. Thank you for reading… Peace

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