Left-Wing Mob Threatens Tucker Carlson

The extreme left-wing violent group we commonly refer to as Antifa have returned to the charge by threatening none other than Fox presenter Tucker Carlson, the “peaceful protestors” crowded outside his house at night to shout, knock on his door and basically threaten him and his family with screams insinuating that they knew where he slept, that it was better to leave the city, to keep quiet, among other famous phrases.

Although when we talk about the left, it is normal to think about the use of violence to impose their ideas and censor and silence all kinds of dissident thinking, the abnormal thing is that the pertinent measures have not yet been taken to put an end to this type of show, whether by the neighborhood, the police, or the national government? These extremists who emerged after the failed mix of communism and so-called “anarchism” will someday go very far, when that happens it will be very late.

We are talking about that this group of allegedly armed and masked animals could have attempted against the life of Mr. Tucker Carlson’s wife and children, not only attempted against their private property and threatened verbally and in writing by Twitter, which incidentally, I am surprised that Twitter has taken action on the matter and has discharged the group that started with this…. The simple act of threatening and intimidating a person is enough to open a criminal investigation, as it is being done right now.

It’s time to trust the relatively decent U.S. investigative and justice system to see if any action can be taken against some members of this “sect” or the “sect” in general. However, it is worth remembering that it is not the first time that a thing like this happens, similar things have happened to other conservative figures such as Ted Cruz and Stephen Miller, that this continues to happen and nothing “very strong” has happened in legal matters only suggests that this type of shows will continue to happen, unfortunately.

It’s not bad to protest, everyone has the right to do it, the problem is the forms… You can not threaten to kill someone, damage private property, try to assault that person or companions… You cannot use violence, in other words, if you do it is illegal and in the case of these alleged antifascists it is hypocritical because they are doing exactly the same as a fascist would do, forcefully impose their ideas and try to silence with violence or threats a thought dissident … But well, the left has always been hypocritical and anyone who knows a bit of history can realize that. Thank you for reading. Peace.

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