California Shooting, What About Gun Control?

A new tragedy has occurred and along with it has returned the debate about gun control, 12 people lost their lives in a California bar. This, in addition to being a cause for mourning and debate, is also the perfect opportunity to push forward a political agenda, on both sides, let us be objective. The moral compass of politicians is that which points to their own interests…

Technically I will also “push” a political agenda with this post, but not out of loyalty to any party or dogma of any kind, I do it out of simple common sense and information about the subject… I want us to keep one thing in mind… In an emergency it is extremely important to act quickly as this can be the difference between life and death. Being unarmed there is absolutely nothing to do against an armed person, this is logical, the only thing you can do is run and pray if you believe in something… This is the problem.

Considering that California has one of the strictest gun controls in the country, we can observe that this did not prevent a criminal from being a criminal, a person who is willing to kill, will break the law to obtain a gun, it is common sense, you do absolutely nothing with a supposed gun control but create a black market that will benefit gangs and mafias, will benefit the criminals who carry out these massacres and you only hurt the good people who only want the right to carry a gun in order to defend themselves, the right to defend themselves.

In emergencies you must act almost instantly, there is no time to wait for the police to arrive, if you wait for the police by the time they arrive you are already dead… What if at the time the shooting started at least two or three people had been armed?, the shooting would probably have resulted in a fairly small number of deaths or injuries, But no, it is better to ban weapons for the benefit of criminals and politicians who only want control.

The world is making things very easy for people who want to hurt others… From preventing civilians from having the right to defend their lives, whether through absurd weapons controls or legal reprisals to disarming people who have the duty, the job of defending order and citizens… The policemen. It is truly pathetic, but we are the radicals because we are the ones who disagree with this… Thank you for reading, peace.

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