The System Of Politics

Politics is rubbish, the system is rubbish… When we talk about the System of Politics we are talking about a system in which every four or five years, depending on the country, citizens have the “right” and the “duty” to elect a ruler for the nation, state or city. But why exactly? every four years something different is chosen, something that is going to spend a significant amount of “mandate” time to reverse the things that the previous government did.

There is no long-term project, democracy is an important part of this problem, there are quite “unstable” people ideologically speaking, by this I mean, there are people who would change the course of a country for nonsense, because someone made a nicer speech, among other reasons. Democracy being a system in which 51% can override the wishes of the remaining 49% and taking into account that a very large part of the population is not able to make this kind of decisions, because of knowledge, IQ or some other reason that may affect their judgment when voting. This does not benefit the country, it benefits the politicians.

The bipartisanship does not benefit a society, what benefits society is a long-term project, something that does not originate in our “Democratic System of Politics”, because a government is only in power for four years up to a maximum of ten depending on the country, of course, eight or ten years is a fairly considerable time in which you can carry out a fairly firm project, but what happens next? the opposition arrives to power and they take care of reverting everything that was done during the project, we are in the same thing, we are again at zero if we talk about systematic issues.

I’m not saying that there has to be a government for life, but it’s useless to be constantly changing politicians every four years so that they use two years of office to reverse what the previous government did, then the remaining two years they use them to create problems and bubbles that will explode during the next government, do you understand what I’m saying? getting into debt and doing stupid things that will affect you in the long run is the game of politics, because you know that this will affect the next government because it will have more problems to deal with and therefore it will affect the elections, which translates into a greater likelihood of returning to power in a few years.

It is the problem of having such powerful parties with such different ideologies, the “wars” and dirty games that are constantly armed only end up affecting citizens in the short, medium and long term. You don’t follow a project and if at any time it is followed, in a couple of years it will be reverted by the next president, it is an illusion of election and at the end of the day the only thing the politicians achieved is to cause you more problems, steal you through taxes and keep the country in “neutral”. Thank you for reading… Peace

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