The Justice System Is A Joke

I think that the global justice system needs reform, generally speaking, there are too many things that are wrong, we can talk about the immense number of people who are imprisoned for minimal crimes, we can talk about how problematic the system itself is in some cases, and we can also talk about the ridiculous sentences there are on the charge of murder.

To explain my position, I think that sentences should be much harsher than they are today, I think that forced labor plus life imprisonment is a better punishment than a death sentence, because with such work the imprisoned will be generating a benefit to society …. Certainly, there would be many who would choose to commit suicide rather than spend their lives working forcibly, but there would also be many who would work all their lives forcibly just for the sake of survival.

It seems to me a lack of respect that in many places in the world can commit a murder and only go to prison 15 or 20 years, in some cases even less. It’s not fair, no matter how you look at it, some will ask for the death sentence for the killers, it’s respectable, I ask for life imprisonment and forced labor for what I’ve already mentioned above. Some will ask for castration for the rapists, I couldn’t agree more. But I insist, today criminals should be forced to generate something positive for society.

I see the SJW come and tell me everything by saying that we should treat criminals for what they are, and instead of keeping them with our taxes, they should generate profits for us in some way or another and thus pay a “debt”, of course, when I say that sentences should be tougher, I’m not saying that for skipping a traffic signal you should go to prison for 5 years …. In fact, for that there are fines and yet many people are imprisoned for committing very minor crimes and are imprisoned.

Basically I think the system is a joke because the sentences do not represent a punishment comparable to the crime committed, at least not in many cases, and that is something that has to change, the fact that it is society that has to keep the prisoners through taxes has to change. The demands without evidence have to disappear, in its great majority the system has to improve… Thank you for reading. Peace.

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