Should We Ban Ideologies?

In the world today there are many prohibitions, some of them totally reasonable as “No to murder someone” or “rape someone”, among others, as well as there are unnecessary prohibitions as in the subject of cannabis… At the same time, there are prohibitions that do more harm than good, such as partial prohibitions on the carrying of weapons and drugs… But what happens when what is sought is to prohibit is something inherently negative, but it is not an action?

To do physical harm to another person is prohibited because it is violence, it is an action that is obviously punishable by law, but if we start talking about prohibiting ways of thinking, does it change the thing?, do we keep in mind that in the world there are totally negative and harmful ideologies for the same, for example Islamic radicalism and communism. Would banning any of these ideologies make the world a better place or would we be violating the right to freedom of thought and freedom of expression?

Logically, we have to take into account that if we prohibit an ideology no matter how harmful it is, we will not prevent them from having sympathizers, of course, they will not be able to advertise in a public way, but the thought would still exist. However, when we take into account that such a ban would violate the right to freedom of expression, things change… If we prohibit Nazism who says that we cannot prohibit something else that the “majority” considers “dangerous and negative”… It is something very dangerous and by prohibiting something we would make everything else prohibiable… While if we do not prohibit anything, nothing could be prohibited because the right to free speech and freedom of thought would be something non-negotiable, a golden rule.

We could also think that if we ban an ideology we would automatically make it more popular, it’s true… The forbidden is more tempting, but if we don’t ban ideologies with the capacity to destroy entire countries like Communism, then what do we do? A good answer to this is to educate people about ideologies, not to ban them, that would only make them “cool” and is to shoot themselves in the foot if you want to defend freedom of expression.

It is not necessary to prohibit them… Such ideologies are so bad that they are not in the majority even now that no one is educated about them, if people were educated about them they would be even less popular than they are now. There is no need to ban Nazism, Communism, or any other ideology that represents a threat, the only thing we would achieve is to hide a problem and disrespect the right to free thought, while if you keep them legal but educate people with history, data and statistics about them, little by little the little popularity they already have will decrease and you maintain a fundamental right to freedom. Thank you for reading. Peace.

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