How Far Can You Get To Ruin A Man’s Life?

The victory of the Conservatives in the case of Judge Brett Kavanaugh was fantastic and undoubtedly celebrated by all the political right worldwide, justice was achieved in the face of one of the most disgusting and miserable smear campaigns carried out in recent times in the West. This is an important victory not only for what it represents for the government of Donald Trump and the Republican Party in consolidating a Republican majority in the Supreme Court, but also for having shown the world how far and how low the left is able to go to get what they want.

We live in a world where if someone accuses you without any evidence of a crime, you are guilty until you prove otherwise… Absurd, but true… Unfortunately, it is true. That’s what happened to Judge Kavanaugh during such a campaign against him, where he was charged without any evidence of a crime that in theory “had occurred more than 30 years ago” and of which no one could give details… Precisely because there weren’t, what a coincidence that it took more than 30 years and a nomination to the supreme court of justice for such accusations to come to light…. How convenient.

The truth is that beyond these desperate attempts of the left to avoid the inevitable, the demonstration of the mockery that is the justice system on many occasions especially in the first world, where you can be defamed for free, ruin your name without any evidence and have no consequences is disgusting. We’re talking about if a totally random woman says you’re a rapist, you’re a rapist, we’re talking about if someone says you’re a murderer, you’re a murderer… It is ridiculous and such ridiculous has to be condemned by the world.

Yes, a major victory was achieved, the Republicans got what they wanted, Trump also, despite all the dirty plays of the “Democrats”… And perhaps in the end it might seem that Brett Kavanaugh won, and yes, he did. But we have to take into account that his name was soiled and crushed, this is something that even he recognizes, because of what happened the last few days his name will not be the same again, despite being found ovbiously innocent, from now on always a sector of people, will continue to see an innocent man as a rapist and will continue to demonize him, something that is deeply regrettable.

These false accusations will continue to torment Mr. Kavanaugh’s life, as well as the lives of his daughters who will have to put up with numerous idiots who think and call their father a rapist, this is what the left-wing is capable of… So far one can go to ruin a person’s life, so easy nowadays it is for someone to defame another person and take almost no risk in the process. Truly distressing and incredible… Thank you for reading. Peace.

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