Redistribution Of Wealth

For many people equality is something “necessary”, so necessary that even anything can be done to achieve it, being theft the main tool, when we talk about redistribution of wealth or redistribution of income, we are talking about a synonym of theft, because there is no way to execute something like “redistribution” without using force and therefore taking something away from someone to give it to another, this Marxist argument is both untenable and immoral.

A rich person, or one with an above-average income, is most likely to have worked to earn that income, meaning that that person’s reward is higher because his or her work was better or greater, when a government plays Robin Hood, it is doing exactly what Robin Hood did, stealing from people who obtained their wealth in some way or another to give it for free to people who have done nothing to obtain that wealth. We see in Robin Hood’s example the clear representation of the socialist government, “Taking from the rich to give to the poor”, Redistributing money from some to give to others, that is, stealing.

To steal is never well seen, regardless of the motives or the situation of life that the thief goes through, for society a thief is a thief and is treated as such, however this seems to be forgotten when we talk about a government, when it is a government that executes the theft many applaud him, because they know that they will benefit from it. The government does the bully work for a section of the population that wants free things regardless of the long-term economic cost or immorality of the act.

As our great friend Milton Friedman said, the only way to redistribute wealth without failure is to remove all incentives to create wealth… This is understandable because people are fortunately different, we have different talents and qualities and we have different ambitions, you can rob everyone to equal the economic position of everyone, but if you do not remove the incentives to create wealth what will happen is that there will be economic inequality again, some will lose money, others will gain and therefore the wealth of some will increase and others will not.

This is what communism seeks to do, to eliminate the incentives to wealth and to redistribute the product of the work of some to reward those who have not even worked, for the simple desire for “equality”, or rather, the simple desire to remain in power by taking advantage of a majority of people who want the government to be their Father, Teacher and Guide… What our Communist “friends” do not seem to understand is that this is a virtually foolproof way of destroying a society.

Once you eliminate the incentives to obtain wealth and therefore to innovate and create, there will be no progress and you destroy the need to work, people will only work what is necessary to survive because if they work more they will not earn more, if they cannot create wealth you will only have what you already have, the misery you already have, remember that the government has already distributed the wealth equitably, therefore you, as everyone else has a misery, very little… Some people will be happy with the misery they have, of course, but others do not, others want more, others want to live decently and give themselves luxuries, others have the talents and mentality necessary to progress… But the government won’t let them, they have no freedom.

Redistributing wealth is an evil project disguised in the idea that we all deserve the same thing… An utopia. Not all of us deserve the same, that can only be determined by each individual, not by a government that will ultimately force people to live in a way they do not want, steal and condemn everyone to misery, while the rulers will be the only ones living as capitalists being the only ones who will have access to the wealth they stole. Thank you for reading… Peace.

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