Trump Against The Social Media Censorship

A couple of weeks ago we witnessed the lamentable wave of censorship by certain technological giants against conservative voices, this fact, we can file as one more on a list that is getting longer and longer, attacks on conservative personalities, organizations and groups are becoming more and more constant, in fact, recently Facebook publicly apologized for censoring “strongly” several videos of PragerU, another conservative voice.

How can a giant like Facebook make the mistake of censoring the same voice multiple times?, I see three possible options, the first one, the system is a total disaster… Which wouldn’t surprise me… The second is that those in charge of doing this kind of “thing” are inept absolutes, which is… Quite possibly, and the third but no less likely, that it is something on purpose with the aim of testing the waters and knowing “how far we can go with censorship without people getting too upset”, which I personally see as most likely, call me conspiratorial, but it would not be the first time that this sort of thing has happened.

This type of strategy has been commonly used and is currently commonly used by totalitarian governments of the left, where they are gradually seeking to take away freedoms and rights from people by attacking “weak areas” with an anaesthetic effect… Little by little, you won’t realize it and therefore it won’t be paid attention to, but when you realize what’s happening it’s too late, you have no right to defend or freedom to do it, history shows us with economic controls, censorship of the media against the governments in power, “small” violations of the law that become normal… The fact is that as a cancer grows and becomes stronger.

US businessman and President Donald Trump spoke about this wave of censorship against right-wing people on Twitter and even though he made no mention of any particular social network, which is unnecessary because everyone already knows who they are, he said: “We will not let that happen” and criticised the fact that only conservative voices have been censored and not those on the left.

Certainly the vast majority of censorship has been for right-wing entities, for truly stupid or absurd reasons, an example being PragerU, which was censored for nine posts, two of them for “Hate Speech”, but what exactly is Hate Speech? Wikipedia says one thing, a leftist says another, a conservative says another, a libertarian says another, and within those groups there is an endless variety of opinions about what hate speech is and isn’t, isn’t it simpler to let people use the powerfull Block and Mute buttons?, why does a social network have to act as if it is five years old and needs a tutor to surf the internet?, a little individual responsibility, please

And if there is a case where a child sees inappropriate content according to the ape on duty who is in charge of banning what he thinks is inappropriate, that is, anything that does not agree with his ideologies, then it is the parents’ fault, simply put, there is something called parental control, that parents are the ones who censor things from their children, but don’t bother others in the process or at least don’t do it in such an obvious and disgusting way.

Apparently this problem is only going to intensify, we can fight against censorship and at the same time seek alternatives and migrate to them to have insurance, but social networks will continue to seek to censor everything that does not seem Marxist and pleasant, will continue to hide the truth for the peace of some, will continue to attack free voices in order to gain control, thank you for reading… Peace.

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