Meritocracy Vs. Mediocrity

The way of thinking can determine much of our being and even our future, when we speak of mediocrity, we speak of the conformism that many, not to say a majority is willing to have as a mentality, when we speak of meritocracy we open the doors to various debates, Has it ever existed?, is it a utopia?, does it work or will it work?, is it really key to prosperity?, should excellence never be looked down upon with bad eyes?, and today we will talk about it and why Meritocracy is better than Mediocrity and the “Equity”.

Many people tremble when they hear or read the word “Meritocracy”, assuming that there can be no such thing due to different factors, like the intellectual inequity of each person, different origins, different formations, different families, different economic position and “Luck”… The truth is that human beings are fortunately different, we make different decisions and therefore we will get different results, but one factor that we lose sight of when determining who can have more “possibilities” or who has more “facilities” when it comes to prospering in life, this is the mentality.

The mind is powerful and can be said to act as a kind of “magnet”, our mentality and character are fundamental to get what we want, when we compare a mediocre mentality with one that always aspires to more and progress, we will easily realize who has a greater chance of getting what you want or want, simply because those who work hard and have the conviction necessary to set their goals and follow them in an exhaustive manner, are likely to end up achieving them, while the mediocre mentality, being conformist, simply does not share these characteristics, therefore, the results will obviously be different.

Now, the people who believe in Meritocracy want a society where by your talent, skills, knowledge and work progress in one way or another, obviously no system is perfect, there will still be some exceptions and “problems” with certain aspects, however, much better than looking to live in a society where by race, religion, skin color or gender you have certain benefits… Let’s understand that looking for the best to do a job, to improve a business or for anything that comes to mind is not bad, in fact, it is very good, because in a meritocracy in theory the best would be rewarded for being so, again, with some exceptions. While in a society with a mindset where it doesn’t matter how good your work, your skills or how good you are at something, someone else will be given preferences for any unimportant aspect regardless of whether they have any idea of what they will do or not, regardless of whether they are mediocre or not.

This is the problem, just as you cannot punish the successful one, you cannot punish the worker and the applied one, because otherwise there will be no incentive to be so and the only thing you will achieve is to forge a society of mediocre people who leave everything to the so-called “luck”, ladies and gentlemen, Life is not a simple casino where you bet on a number and pray to see “what’s going on”, life can be said to be a “more complex casino”, where things depend on you, nothing to blame external agents or anyone else, the first culprit for something not working out is you and this is something we have to recognize.

Although meritocracy is totally incompatible with socialism or any other system that seeks the forced equality of totally different human beings, where the successful is punished in order to give wealth to others, a question arises: Is meritocracy compatible with Capitalism? The short answer is yes, it obviously is, now the long answer is yes, because in Capitalism the best are sought to create the best products and services, intellectuals and people who have ideas have the opportunity to achieve something beneficial with them, it is a constant competition where there are winners and losers, the mentality in one way or another is rewarded while the mentality of mediocre is almost doomed.

Please do not confuse Meritocracy with “Inheritance”, this determines how easy it will be for a child to obtain something in his life thanks to inherited assets and probably an excellent education provided, however, the system does not understand inheritance and let’s not forget that we are potentially talking about 1 to 5% of the population that has this kind of “advantages”, but if what will stop you is the fact that there are a few who have more facilities than you to obtain something in particular then you are fucked, because that happens with everything and it will always happen. The best thing is to set a goal for yourself and work to achieve it, to seek excellence.

Meritocracy does not have to be seen only as something material or as a simple system, it has to be seen as a philosophy where people think, “If I work hard for my dreams I can make them come true”, it is not something crazy, every job has its rewards. It does not have to be seen as a system where the one who progresses is the one who is “lucky” or is a white middle or high class man… You have to see it this way, if your goal is, for example, to become an high class, if you are a middle class, your path will be relatively shorter than if you are a lower class, by logic the further away from the goal, the more difficult it will be to reach it, but the solution is not to find a communist to rob the rich, the solution is to leave the victimism, educate yourself and work to achieve the goals.

There is nothing wrong with being different, without the “meritocracy” there would be no entrepreneurship, no one would seek excellence and being better every day, both personally and professionally, like it or not and with the faults it may have, it is the best there is, for the idea of rewarding the best and not the worst, for the principle of respecting the successful and not punishing them for being successful. Thanks for reading, peace.

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