Is Third Wave Feminism “Just A Fad”?

A few days ago I saw this video in Spanish about the current Feminist situation in Argentina, and I found it curious to see how the younger “feminists” are so easily manipulated and lacking in logic and information… Not just the young ones, all of them in general, but especially the young ones. Literally in Argentina, handkerchiefs are sold in favor of an ideology, such as Pro-Abortion. Today I want to talk about the question: Is Third Wave Feminism Just a Fad?

It is curious how a movement that decades ago was very respectable for fighting misogyny, abuse and the lack of rights has become a movement that fights against Capitalism, words that have male meanings, the right to kill a baby and the desire to “crush” men, that is modern feminism, the so-called third wave feminism that is just another appendix to the political Left and a synonym for “Hatred of Men”.

Fighting against Capitalism using capitalist means and “buying ideologies”, as happens in Argentina with the green scarf, the orange scarf, among others…. He shows a lack of congruence, he’s a hypocrite. It has gone so far as to buy ideologies and a sense of belonging, to the point of fighting against capitalism by being consumerists and buying clothes or some other nonsense “Against Capitalism”. To say “I am a feminist because patriarchy oppresses us” is to ignore the fact that women are currently the most privileged sector in the history of our species, to say “I am a feminist against capitalism” is to ignore the amount of business that is orbiting “feminist ideologies” and the big business behind abortion.

An ideology where ignorance, fanaticism and hypocrisy are repeatedly demonstrated when a tragedy such as murder occurs and reactions vary according to the sex of the victim and the perpetrator, this being just one example…. To dare to say that Feminism is “just a fad” in general would be to ignore many factors, perhaps in some countries if, perhaps in some countries not… There are countries where radical feminism is already a form of politics and there are countries where it is wanted to enter, all this under the approach of “The New Left”, however, will society be able to resist this movement, we know that the Left and all harmful ideologies as such are historically known for doing much harm by doing very little. And as always, it will be up to the people we can think of with a certain degree of logic to minimize any harm by fighting disinformation with solid arguments.

The truth is that “Feminists” are currently simple pawns of something much bigger, big corporations like Planned Parenthood are making a profit and are looking to make even more money out of it, the Left as a political ideology is looking to get more votes and implement cultural Marxism by supporting the ridicule we see today, every day in the news, see gender ideology, absurd feminist politics and more… We have to bear in mind that fashion or not, this type of ideology has caused damage and will cause damage, so we cannot make the big mistake of ignoring them because we think that “they are simple fashions”, we must not give rise to disinformation.

It is precisely Capitalism and Marketing that make some people think that feminism is simply a fashion, as I said before, the great amount of business and hidden interests behind today’s feminism is what creates a “wild” environment for ideology, especially among the youngest who think more with their hearts and genitals than with their brains…. It is truly ironic that it is one of the great enemies of the movements that gives them the most “visibility” and money, Capitalism and Consumerism for profit and Marketing for profit and marketing for the promotion and “selling” of products and ideologies, not to mention of course the money they can receive from other organisations and the support of the progressive media.

If, although it is ironic and shows its hypocrisy, this is not really something that affects them negatively, on the contrary, it benefits them… We all benefit from Marketing and Capitalism, the Left has always been hypocritical, no surprise there, that’s why they are so dangerous. These ideologies must not be ignored under any circumstances, on the contrary, we must be more informed in order to be able to counter-argue and demonstrate how bad they are. Especially to educate young people who are the main target of these ideologies and of the effects of some “fashion”, thank you for reading, peace.

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