Do You Care About Politics?

In our lives we’ve probably met people who just don’t care about politics and even hate it, that person could be you, why not, and if you’re reading this then you’ll be interested in why politics is important… Despite being dirty and dark, there may be people who don’t like gravity, however, gravity is part of the game, so you must play by those rules, something similar happens with politics and today we’ll see why.

I am in favour of hating the politician but not politics itself, we humans tend to be corrupt and a mess generally speaking when we have a lot of power and practically a throne of semi-gods, but something is going on with the game’, the game of politics is basically about choosing the one who is going to cause you the least trouble in your life, yes, we are not talking about who will do the necessary things so that I can live better?”, we are talking about “Who will complicate my existence the least”, that is how we have to look at politics, less concerned about finding a saving messiah, baby kisser sitting on a desk with a nuclear button next to it and more concerned about choosing someone who will not complicate our lives by restricting our individual or economic freedoms, charging us absurd amounts of taxes or destroying the nation by applying stupid measures…

It is regrettable, but that is how politics is based on choosing the worst candidate’, because at the end of the day, unless a Minarquist is elected or the country is an Anarchy, your freedoms will always be threatened in one way or another, to a greater or lesser extent, but it is precisely this that happens, there are measures, if you were given the choice between cutting off your finger or cutting off your hand, what would you choose, probably cutting off your finger because it is the least worst’, because here as I said before, the same thing happens. You can choose a socialist who will complicate your life in every way or you can choose a conservative who will complicate your life a lot less… Or you can choose a Libertarian who would be ideal when it comes to maintaining freedoms.

Whether you like it or not, your life is and will be very much affected by politics, by the economy and by any other “social issue” in turn, the world will continue to spin votes or not, the only difference is that the mass of people who do not vote for the simple fact that “they do not like politics” would not be “choosing” their future, yes, it can make them laugh… But deep down you know it’s true, your future depends on the economy and how inept the “president and his team” are, unfortunately.

Perhaps you have noticed that I do not like politicians, there are few exceptions and this depends precisely on their ideologies, the less problems they generate for me, the more I like them, the more problems they generate for me, the more I dislike them. It is very simple, for me the best “ruler” is the one who does not govern and the best government is the one that does not exist, but the game today is like that and as a young citizen I am I would not want a communist to take power and ruin my future, so it is preferable to vote for the least worse.

You can say that your vote is worthless, you are only one, certainly, it may not be worth much, but keep in mind that there are millions of people who do not vote for the same reason either, those millions can be the difference between a Socialist and a Capitalist. The wet dream of getting no one to vote unfortunately will not come true any time soon, which if it does come true is what the democratically elected’ candidate will do during his years on the throne…. And that doesn’t translate into simple politics, it translates into economic measures that are going to affect you a lot and social aspects that will also affect you in one way or another.

The truth is, the game was rigged from the start, and we have to play by those rules if we want to “survive democracy”, choose to ignore politics, try to ignore something that is an important part of your life and society, will continue to exist and will continue to affect it. Politics is so dangerous that it can ruin the lives of an entire population, see the case of Venezuela, this being a case that can be avoided with information and knowing how to choose, that’s why we should care about politics… Because of Fear. Thanks for reading, peace.

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