Does Capitalism Kill?

Since the emergence of Capitalism as an economic system in the First Industrial Revolution and the repeated failures of Communism in recent centuries, the image of Communism has been washed away by arguing about the cruelty of capitalism and the fact that some things that are not done cause death and misery in some parts of the world… Is this true? Today we’ll analyze this.

Let’s go back in time to the first industrial revolution, during those times 95% of the world’s population was submerged in extreme poverty, with 1 billion inhabitants, capitalism suddenly emerges and a revolution begins that radically changes many things, although it is true that the impact was so strong that many people lost jobs thanks to industrialization leading to a delicate position and even death for some, we must bear in mind that capitalism is the economic system that is based on respect for private property, the principle of non-aggression and maintaining individual freedoms, that is, blaming capitalism for violent deaths is impossible, but for indirect deaths, is it to be blamed?, If I throw myself off a building and die, it’s my fault or gravity’s fault, it’s obviously my fault, in this case we couldn’t blame Capitalism because many people lost their jobs due to industrialization and didn’t get another one, just as we can’t blame capitalism for the use of the slave hand because it was legal in those days.

The world changed radically, the craftsmen lost competition to industrial production, the riders lost their jobs after the appearance of the automobiles, the world went from having 95% of extreme poverty being 1 billion inhabitants to having less than 10% being almost 8 billion… In other words, the world changed for the better, was it worth it, obviously, if it weren’t for Capitalism we would still be in the natural condition of the human being: Poverty.

We must bear in mind, as I said before, that capitalism cannot be blamed for violent deaths, simply because it does not generate them and even less so for wars, because not only is it a massive violation of the private property rights of the people in all warring nations, both the attacking and defending nations, not only is it war a massive use of force in violation of basic capitalist principles, war destroys capital. To blame capitalism for this is to have no idea of its nature. Free trade promotes peace, not war. When governments create central banks, impose fiat money, spend trillions of dollars of newly printed money or taxpayer dollars, subsidize, bail out businesses, etc, those are violations of capitalism. Therefore we cannot blame the system for the idiocy of those who govern us.

When trying to cleanse the image of Communism by saying these things about Capitalism we must bear in mind all this, and of course the fact that Capitalism eliminates hunger, contrary to the Communism that creates it, not for nothing have all the world’s famines been caused by disrespect for Capitalist principles. The difference is radical, we can compare China before the economic reforms with China now with a freer market, we can compare North Korea with South Korea and realize the difference. We can also observe that it is thanks to Capitalism that the world can afford this population density, thanks to it we have a lot of life expectancy, thanks to it there is the production that there is. That is, even though there are people who can blame capitalism for hundreds of millions of people, which is absurd, the reality is that Capitalism has saved many more lives and improved the quality of even more lives.

The people who do this are so dishonest that they blame capitalism for 20 million deaths annually, due to lack of water, famine and lack of vaccines worldwide… But of course, they do not take into account that in capitalist countries this does not happen or the cases are very remote, that is to say, to create this figure they use figures from African countries and socialist countries and with low economic freedom. They also blame capitalism for the deaths in wars when wars go totally against what capitalism is, just like economic blockades. Again, because this would violate the principle of non-aggression, because it would limit the freedom of trade, because it would cause mercantilism.
So why Communism kill?, because Communism, or the attempt to achieve communism for those who claim that wasn’t really communism, has directly killed more than 100 million people because of the system as such, an example, Lots of people starved to death when communist countries reorganized agriculture from a private to a collective system combined with industrialization efforts. During the reorganization not enough food was produced and the food that was produced failed to reach many hungry mouths. another example, communists tend to kill their political enemies and any other dissident, one could say “This is the fault of the rulers”, no, this is not the case, this is ideological, this is the story of all communist governments. In other words, you have a system that has little tolerance for dissidents and requires a high level of compliance from the population, oppressing them to such an extent that their properties do not exist and their individual freedoms are very limited, this is very contrary to Capitalism which is based on freedom and non-aggression as a principle and Golden Law.

Bearing this in mind, we can also say that the great enemy of capitalism in the end would be the government, because all state action is aggressive, because it always limits economic or individual freedom in some way, whether by taxes or by any other means… But that is another issue, the point is that Capitalism does not cause direct deaths because of its ideology or economic system and to blame it for indirect deaths when it is a system that provides the tools for progress, stability and success is the equivalent of dying for throwing yourself off a building and blaming gravity, gravity does its job, if you fell it is your fault… On top of all this, to blame the system that has brought more progress to the world than all the other systems combined for all the problems the world has today is ridiculous.

At the end of the day the answer would be no, it doesn’t kill, at least not directly, but if you still want to see the dark side of the system then let’s say that if it has caused deaths because of its “cruel principles”, it is and will be significantly less dead than other systems have caused and in addition to this is the system that has caused the most progress and the most lives it has saved, improved and allowed… Thank you for reading, I’ll catch you on the next post.
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